A library of recordings for students selecting or finessing examination repertoire. 

Grade 1 List A
Asters No. 1, Bernard Andres
The Jolly Peasant, arr. Paret
Rondo, Betty Paret
O Sanctissima, arr. Milligan
Little Waltz, Grandjany
Midnight Stars, Weidensaul
Barn Dance Memory, Weidensaul

Grade 1 List B
The Purple Bamboo, arr. Milligan
Charlotte in Spring, Fiona Clifton-Welker
Berceuse, David Watkins

Grade 1 List C
Sound the Trumpets, Skaila Kanga
The Glittering Ballroom, Skaila Kanga
No. 2, Pozzoli
No. 3, Pozzoli
No. 10, Pozzoli
Les tierces, Tournier

Grade 2 List A
Dacw Mam yn Dwad (Here Comes Mother), anon. Welsh arr. Heulyn
Can y Melinydd (The Miller’s Song), anon. Welsh arr. Heulyn
While Bagpipes Play, J.S Bach arr. Paret
Evening Song, J.J Rousseau arr. Paret
Le petit mendiant (The Little Beggar), Mel Bonis
The See-Saw (from Little Harp Book), Grandjany

Grade 2 List B
In Yugoslav Mode (from Mikrokosmos), Bartok arr. Marzuki
Dawn (No. 1 Beginnings), Burgon
Goblin's Rustle (from Harping On, Book 1), Fiona Clifton-Welker
Crepuscule sur le lagon (Twilight on the Lagoon), Gabus
Reverie (No. 1 from Trois petites pieces tres faciles, Op. 7), Grandjany
Mister Blister’s March (from Blistering Along!), Stewart Green
Hippopotamus Rag, Skaila Kanga (No. 27 from Minstrel's Gallery)
Bedtime Blues, Skaila Kanga (No. 28 from Minstrel's Gallery)
Swing Time, Skaila Kanga (No. 29 from Minstrel's Gallery)

Grade 2 List C
Mountain Stream, Skaila Kanga (No. 14 from Minstrel's Gallery)
Garden of Dreams, Skaila Kanga (No. 22 from Minstrel's Gallery)
2nd Grade: No. 11, Pozzoli

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