In the Woods is a collection of harp / piano compositions, set around animals and their adventures in the woods. Squirrels, birds, a castle in the sky and their friends are brought to life in these original compositions.

Free sheet music
The Owl and the Pussy-Cat 
Moon Dream
Harp / Piano
Tree Elf
Harp / Piano
Puma the Cat
Harp / Piano
Dream Catcher
Harp / Piano
Little Prince
Harp / Piano
Blue Bird
Harp / Piano

Suitable for beginners to intermediate learners.
The exercises and pieces are graded from easy to medium difficulty.

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53 pages plus cover

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How to Change a Harp String




Composition Exercise 1


Double Double

Ford Car
Pease Porridge
See Saw


AMEB Grade 5 Theory - General Knowledge

  • To show a general knowledge of the following forms, and an acquaintance with examples by the great composers: Minuet and Trio, Scherzo, Air with variations, Recitative and Aria as in Handel or Mozart

*The downloadable files on this site are free for personal use only

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