Lyrebird Falls, gold harp from Harps Australia
Photo by Reid Studios

Valentine's Day Concert - Melbourne Harp & Voice
Melbourne Convention Centre, gold harp from Harps Australia
 Wedding, St. Dominic's Church
Harp & Cello, Lindenderry - Red Hill
Harp Duo, Richmond Uniting Church
Wedding, Williamstown
 Gala Dinner
Myer Mural Hall
The Stables
Butleigh Wootton

 The Westin
Stones of the Yarra Valley
 Mainstreet Conference, photo by Jai Seale Just All Images
 Social Business Conference, Melbourne Recital Centre
Lap, lever and pedal harps by Harps Australia
Melbourne Harp & Voice - Loreto Mandeville
 Christmas foyer music - 530 Collins St.
 Magyar Elet newspaper
 St. Ignatius Church
 Mary Rogers Square, Richmond
 Lyon & Healy harp
 Melbourne Music Week, Collins St.
 Spring on the Green concert flyer
 Merengue Rojo
 Park Hyatt
 Dinner soiree
 St. Ignatius Church
 St. Ignatius Church
 Trio rehearsal with flute and clarinet
 Teaching studio
 Melbourne Harp & Voice

  Olympic Village Makers Market 
Alphington Lawn Bowls Club, 60th birthday
Wedding, Caulfield Park
Melbourne Harp & Voice
Wedding ceremony, Loreto Mandeville
Wedding ceremony, St. Dominic's Church
B.Mus Graduation 2011
 Post-wedding joy & sunshine- Loreto Mandeville
Melbourne Harp & Voice (Photo by Patsy Hanson)
Park Hyatt- The High Tea Party
Cirque du Soleil- Melbourne premiere dinner for oVo crew
 Wedding, Yering Station Winery
Wedding - Yering Station Winery, Yarra Glen 
 Mainstreet Conference- Photo by Jai Seale Just All Images

In the Cirque du Soleil tent
Collingwood Masonic Centre
Block Aracde- Melbourne Harp & Voice
 Magyar Élet and the Híradó newspaper
 Melbourne Harp & Voice, The Oak Parlour - Loreto Mandeville
Melbourne Recital Centre 
Melbourne Harp & Voice, ANZ Pavilion

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